Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting so big!

I decided to weigh and measure Mateo today. He is 31" tall (almost 3 feet now!) and weighs a good 24 pounds. He has gained almost 1 1/2 pounds in 2 weeks. That's awesome! He had lost so much weight from when he had the swine flu and has finally gained it all back, plus some. He's been eating a lot more the last few days (finally) and just doing much better all around.

I can hardly believe how much he is learning lately. It seems that he is picking up on things and putting it all together with lightening speed. He is "talking" a whole lot more than he used to. Granted, its his own jibber jabber that neither Mel nor myself understand, but its cute and its all the time. One of the purest sounds I can think of, aside from Mateo's contagious laughter. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

He is also figuring things out faster and with much more ease. He used to get so frustrated when something wouldn't work the way he wanted to. He still gets frustrated easily, but its a lot less frequently. He works on things until he figures it out and when he does.....he gets SO excited! He had a toy out of those toys with the buttons, pull switches and knobs that, when done correctly, makes a little toy pop up........every time he figured out how to manuever one of those knobs or push one of the buttons he would do a little dance when the toy popped up. It was hilarious. Mel and I had a good laugh over it all.

Mateo seems to be understanding verbal commands a lot more too. I am always amazed when I tell him to do something and he does it right away. Sometimes I'm shocked because I hadn't realized how quickly he was catching on to an actual language. I told him today to bring Mama his book and I would read it to him. He immediately picked up his book and walked over to me, handed it to me and crawled into my lap. Now, I'm sure he didn't understand EVERYthing I said, but I know he understands the words "book", "Mama" and possibly even "read"....and I just find it so neat how he is putting all these things together and understanding it all. It absolutely fascinates me. I think I get as excited over these things as he does....if not more!

The only down side to all this (besides the fact that my baby is growing up!) I have a feeling that all this learning is keeping Mateo wired. He has had so much energy lately. I don't mean to complain, because I LOVE knowing he has energy. No energy can be a bad sign for heart function. But he is SO on-the-go He has been waking up at night, wanting to play (like around NOT play time for mommy). When we put him down for bed at night, he cries and cried and cries like he's not tired and doesn't want to go to sleep. Because of this, he's been sleeping in til 10:30am (usually he's up by 8am), taking late naps (or no nap at all) and not wanting to go to bed until 11pm. His whole schedule is completely off right now. BUT....he's eating good. LOL I am so happy about that right now! I think Mateo is just learning so much he doesn't want to stop. He has realized how much exploring he has to do...and I really am looking forward to doing that with him....even if it means little sleep for now :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Dreaded Swine Flu

Yep. Mateo had it. Swine flu. Since he is in the high risk category, I was really worried about him getting it. It ended up not being a big deal for us.

Mateo came down with a low-grade fever and a cough. I didn't think too much of it since one of our friend's daughters had the same symptoms and tested negative for flu and swine flu. But the following night, one of my other friends called to tell me her baby tested positive for swine flu....and she had the same symptoms as Mateo. So I figured I better be "safe rather than sorry" and I took him in to see his doctor the next day. Of course, Mateo tested positive for H1N1. His fever was already gone but I could tell he didn't feel very well. I went to 3 different pharmacies looking for Tamiflu before I finally found one that hadn't run out. Anyway, Mateo was back "up and running" within 24 hours. It wasn't the life or death situation that the public is being warned about. I realize that for some people, it has been....but I guess we were lucky.