Thursday, December 24, 2009

Looking over the last year and blessings for the New Year ahead!

We are looking forward to Christmas and the New Year. We pray that everyone has a safe holiday and that God would pour his blessings on them throughout the next year!

Looking back, this last year has been a wondeful one. Mateo only had 1 hospitalization, which I don't even count since it was only for one night and it was unnecessary. He has had no surgeries or procedures and all his cardiolgy visits have checked out wonderfully. Our only issues we had to deal with was his teething. It seemed that every time he got in a tooth, he'd get sick with a cold or fever. So, every month, he got sick with something. But on December 21st, his final tooth came least, until the 2-year molars start up. So we're hoping for a healthy 2010!

At Mateo's last cardiologist appointment (November 9th), his doctor said that his heart function is great and there's no valve leakage, but that he will most likely have the Fontan surgery in the upcoming summer. Prayers that it all goes well!

The one sad happening of this last year is the passing of Mel's father. He passed away suddenly on December 12th of cardiac arrest. It hit the family hard because it was not expected. Mel just got back from being with his mom for a week and a half to help with laying his dad to rest. It was heartbreaking and we hope to keep our happy memories of him all life long. Mel's mom will be moving in with us next year, possibly February. I am excited for her to get to know Mateo and for him to get to know his Grandma.

SO, we have some big changes for next year and we are hoping for the best out of all situations. Please keep us in your prayers, we'll be doing likewise for you!

Merry Christmas and God Bless!