Monday, September 14, 2009

Unsure of the future

We have recieved orders from the military (my husband serves in the Air Force) to move by the end of this year to Clovis, New Mexico. I looked it up and that AFB is in the middle of nowhere. My husband called and found out that they don't have a medical facility there that can support Mateo's medical needs, so this is all very bad news. Last year, we were given orders (that we actually wanted!) but had to have them cancelled due to Mateo's fragile condition at the time. Now we need to have these cancelled due to it not being a place that has a children's hospital. my husband is putting in a lot of time trying to get the necessary paperwork done. Mateo's doctors have all been more than accommodating in getting the letters, statements and signatures that we need. We met with the medical board on base last week to discuss all of this. But they don't have the authority to make any decisions, so we are still waiting. If we had to go, we have less than 2 months to sell our house and find Mateo a cardiologist.

We feel it would be in Mateo's best interest to just stay here in Tampa until after his next surgery. His doctor said it would most likely be sometime next summer since they don't like to operate in the winter if its not truely needed. I would really hate to move right now and try to find all new doctors and surgeons before next summer. Finding someone you trust with your son's life is not an easy task. In fact, the closest facility that could take Mateo is almost 2 hours away! I feel that things will work out though. Everyone on the base have been very helpful in getting us what we need and I am just praying that all the paperwork goes thorough without any serious issues!


This summer has been so busy! We have had a lot of fun being with friends all summer long. Mateo is almost a year and a half already....just a month left before he reaches that mid-year mark! I can hardly believe it. He is growing so fast and learning so many new things. He has been practicing his walking all summer, and he has gotten good :) He is practically running now. I had to go up a size in diapers too....and we were able to turn his carseat around so now he faces forward. The day he first got to ride around forward-facing, you could tell he was excited. He looked like he felt so special and proud of himself. I loved watching him (Mel was driving).

Mateo spent a lot of time this summer swimming in our friend's pool. He loves to float around in his "crab floatie" and kick his legs. He gets excited when all the kids start splashing around. And the other kids are so good with Mateo! They include him in on the fun and are very gentle with him. It makes me not feel like I have to worry so much.

We had a few visitors this summer too. My best friend came for a week and gushed over Mateo and his cuteness LOL Mateo loved her and had a lot of fun playing with her.
In August, we flew up to Wisconsin to see my family. It was Mateo's first plane ride and he did excellent. No problems. I was worried about needing Oxygen, but he never even turned dusky. He slept through 1/2 the flight and never even shed a tear during I guess his ears never bothered him.

In Wisconsin, he got to meet his Uncle Jake and Aunt Amber and Cousin Dawson for the first time. Mateo had laid claim to Grandpa within hours of being there. In fact, he didn't like my dad holding Dawson (4 1/2 mos at the time) either. He whacked Dawson over the head with a toy while my dad was hold him. It sure was funny....but naughty LOL

Mateo LOVED being able to run around outside. The weather was a little cool, but nothing a light jacket didn't fix. My parents have a large yard and Mateo ran around in the field and the front lawn. He absolutely loved my parent's animals.....the dog and cat. He couldn't get enough of them. We got some great pictures.

Florida has been so hot and humid this summer, its been hard to get out of the house to do anything. The park is off limits because of the heat. Now that school has started back up, most of our pals are either working or in school, so I think Mateo has gotten a little bored. But we are starting back up at the library weekly for story time and I try to get a few projects in here and there for him. His attention span is so short, its hard to continuously keep him occupied!

But Mateo is doing well. We couldn't be happier right now and his health seems to be as good as can be for now. Doctors are thinking his next surgery will be scheduled for sometime next summer. Too soon if you ask me!