Monday, March 2, 2009

Mateo has learned a TON of things since my mom and dad left last week. He is waving bye-bye now. He started clapping yesterday...and he is so funny when he does it too. He has to bang his feet on the floor at the same time :) He has also started hugging things. He hugs his little bear...his blankets...his always makes me laugh. I like it the best when he hugs ME. He also has started shaking his head "no". Whenever he is touching something that he shouldn't (like TV cables) I always say, "no, no Mateo, no touch" and I shake my head no at the same time. Well, he has started shaking his head no now whenever I do something he doesn't like. Usually its when he is done eating and doesn't want anymore food. I am just so surprised at how much he has learned in one week!

He also had his first play date today. A girl from church has an 8 month old little girl that came over today. As soon as she came through the door, Mateo was so excited! He was clapping his hands and squealing in delight. When she was set on the floor next to him, he had to touch her face and arms and legs...he was just so entranced by her. If she tried to crawl away, he would either follow her or else grab her shirt and pull her back to him. He even hugged her a few times. It was really funny and very cute. He definitely enjoyed himself and was worn out by the time they left. I look forward to exposing him to more play dates like that.